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The idea for BLOC Gym started back in 2013 when I first stepped in the weight room at the University of San Diego. Having little experience with training in general, I quickly realized how my efforts in the gym directly translated to my physical and mental performance. I was hooked that day and the fascination with the body and how it works has finally led us here. A home with a focus on “training like an athlete”, BLOC Gym is tailored for high performers from every walk of life. With a heavy emphasis on quality coaching, this gym is inclusive of all levels of training with a focus on improving people’s performance in the gym and in life.

Gym Workout


noun: a group of people united by common interest.


At BLOC Gym, we live and breathe performance. Our unwavering commitment to you as an individual and the idea of continuous improvement fuels every aspect of our training programs, coaching, and facility.

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